From the Tsunami to last summer’s battle in Lebanon to the streets to Baghdad, citizen video journalists  are transforming how we experience conflict.  How these videos change public discourse and public policy is hard to say, but there is a great deal of compelling content filtering through the war zones.  In December, I interviewed Brian Conley who is the producer of "Alive in Baghdad."

Salonlogo_pA new 35-episode series about life in Baghdad called "Hometown Baghdad" will debut with three installments exclusively on  Later the episodes will air on a dedicated YouTube channel and television networks including MTVu. It will also be incorporated into a video blog. It has been produced by Chat the Planet and two veteran Iraqi television producers.  Above is a trailer from the series. This very compelling video.  To see the full segments, check out tomorrow.

Here’s the press release with more information about the series.

Andy Plesser

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