Google,  YouTube, Grouper, Veoh and MySpace are facing several copyright infringement cases, according to a report by Steve Bryant, who authors the essential ReelPop, the blog about the online video business published by the Hollywood Reporter.

Steve Steve did a bunch of research and has published information about several pending cases.  Of course we at Beet.TV have no idea about the merits of these cases, but the issue of copyright protection looms large — and I assume that copyright holders will be pressing their cases in court more agressively, especially now that YouTube has such deep pockets with its ownership by Google.

The Download on Sharing Rights at Different Video Sites — Here’s the Scoop on the Fine Print

Speaking about legal issues, there are many variations in the "fine print" of the relative rights of folks who upload to video sharing sites.  In most cases, there is no "free lunch" and when you upload you must accept terms and conditions — and these vary among the major sites. 

So, here is a breakdown of the fine print of the terms for nine different sites.  It’s been created by TechSoup. Thanks to Brian Satterfield for this exhaustive work. If you are creating and sharing video, understanding these terms is essential.  Thanks to Marshall Kirpatrick of Splashcast for the tip off.

Andy Plesser