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Beet.TV goes behind the scenes at Ford Models, the world’s largest modeling agency! 

Ford has just launched an ambitious program to create and syndicate online video shot by dozens of models.  The company is providing its models with camcorders and is handling simple editing and file uploads.   

The agency launched a channel on YouTube in January and today it ranks as 13th most popular channel.

In the weeks ahead, the company will upload videos to numerous video sharing sites including Veoh, Vmix, Revver, Helio and Ampd. It will also distribute videos to the news media through The NewsMarket.

John Caplan, above, President of Ford Models, sees an opportunity to create a true media company.   He knows a thing or two about digital media as a former senior executives at  He joined Ford as its president nearly five years ago.

He sees opportunities in advertising sponsorships.  He also sees online video as a showcase for models to advance their careers.  Finally, he sees it as a platform to attract new talent. 

Clearly, John leads a very high profile and attractive brand, but the message here is that any brand can create a video presence.  We think this approach of empowering  employees or members or students as evangelists with cameras is very powerful.   

Below is a little look behind the the scenes at the New York’s Fashion Week shot by Stacy, a very cool Ford model. 


Models as Trendsetters

In a related topic, The New York Times has an interesting story in today’s paper on the role of models as fashion trendsetters.

Beet.TV Theme Song is So Cool

Do you like that jazz in the background of my little tour of Ford Models?  It’s the new theme song for Beet.TV composed and performed by Remy Le Boeuf.

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