Blinkx, the video search technology that is featured in today’s New York Times in an article by Jason Pontin, has an agreement to search and index videos published by The New York Times.

Suranga The company has agreements with a number of publishers and content developers to index video, including Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

As we we have reported here, Blinkx searches and indexes videos through various methods — principally by "listening" to the audio tracks of videos.  The system also considers metadata and will soon use more visual elements in indexing video.

Effective video search is essential.  Right now, most search is indexed through meta data,the text that is uploaded along with a video and social "rankings".  What Blinkx and others are doing in this space is key.

Beet.TV has a agreement to index and our clips.  Below is the "wall" of clips from Beet.TV as indexed and organized by Blinkx.  (Please give this a few moments to load – it’s very cool and worth the wait. See the funny clip of me dancing with Twyla Tharp below!)

— Andy Plesser

(Coming Clean:  Blinkx has been an advertising sponsor of Beet.TV.  Jason Pontin is editor in chief and publisher of MIT’s Technology Review, a former client of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV.)

Andy Plesser

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