Sure, there’s been a lot said about XBox 360 as the "Trojan Horse" in the living room, providing Internet TV in the form of a spiffy game console.

Peter Rojas, editor in chief of Engadget, sees this development as part of a Microsoft plan to dominate video downloads to the home to various devices, as well as new DVD standards.

Revver Launches New Portal Interface with "1.1"

The innovative video sharing company has just launched a very spiffy portal.  The videos are nicely organized under various categories including most popular and "Editor’s Picks." 

There’s also an important added functionality for use by content creators.  Here’s how Revver’s Micki "Mickipedia" Krimmel explains it:  "We’ve added all sorts of easy tools to share Revver videos including our super slick Advanced Widget Builder. Revver Widgets allow you to share multiple videos on your site. And whenever your collection is updated, the new videos get automatically sent to your site."


Micki Krimmel, Director of Community at Revver

I’m off to San Francisco today — lots of great folks to interview, including the CNET Webshots team who have just added video sharing, WIRED’s Chris Anderson and the empire blog-building mogul Om Malik.  Stay tuned!

Andy Plesser

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