Back to the Future: How Tumblr is Reviving the Animiated GIF, David Karp Explains

MONACO –  (Published 11.11.12) The animated GIF, those quirky, short moving images introduced way back in the day by CompuServe in 1987, are making a comeback, thanks in large part to the easy conversion from video to the GIF, format explains David Karp, founder and CEO of Tumblr, in this interview with Beet.TV Karp explains […]


Yahoo! Goes Live from Wall Street with its First Daily Live Show

AUSTIN – Late last month, Yahoo launched its first live daily live show, a short, pre-opening bell show about the markets.  Earlier this week at SXSW, we spoke with Anna Robertson, head of the Yahoo Studios, about the new show and the overall the live programming strategy at Yahoo. 


“Now This News” Video Content Start-up Focuses on Mobile and Social Distribution

AUSTIN – "Now This News." a New York-based video news start-up, launched in September with funding from the co-founder of the Huffington Post and the backer of BuzzFeed, plans to follow the success of BuzzFeed, but with video, explains Ed O'Keefe, Editor-in-Chief, in this interview with Beet.TV at SXSW.


GM is Focused on “Addressable” Video Delivery; “Programmatic” is the Future

AUSTIN – Delivering video directly to consumers of specific interests is becoming part of the media buying strategy of General Motors, explains Phil Rzepka, VP/Group Director, at Carat for General Motors, in this interview with Beet.TV


“Annoying Orange” Grows Cable Show from Web Hit

AUSTIN — One of the keys to success in migrating a Web show to TV is to stay true to its roots, but also to grow from them, according to the creators of Annoying Orange. Beet.TV caught up with Dane Boedigheimer and Kevin Brueck, the founder and producer, at the recent SXSW show in Austin to discuss the transition […]


Sanjay Gupta Joins Everyday Health, Will Produce Video Reports for Health Site

In an effort to grow its Web presence, the health and wellness site Everyday Health inked a deal with noted physician Sanjay Gupta. Beet.TV connected with Paul Slavin, Chief Operating Officer for Everyday Health in an interview where he shared details on the site's plans with Gupta, best known for his work as a medical […]


Wibbitz Touts Tech Tools to Boost Video Inventory

Journalism has shifted from text-centric to video-centric and that's why tech platform Wibbitz believes it has an opportunity to gain traction with its text-to-video platform. At the recent Beet.TV executive retreat, Beet.TV spoke with Zohar Dayan, Co-Founder and CEO at Wibbitz about the company's business model and approach to the market.


Video Sites Need to Diversify Ad Formats, Types of Brand Videos, Consultant Joanna Breen

There may not be enough ad dollars to go around for video sites, so they should aim to diversify the type of advertising they rely on, says digital video consultant Joanna Breen during an interview taped at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat. "Video content creators have to start looking at a nuanced content strategy in order […]


Digitas’ Shlachter: How Big Data Can Drive Digital Video Value

While video may largely be a branding play, the application of "big data" can make video work harder, says Adam Shlachter, Senior VP and Digital Video Media Lead at Digitas. He spoke to Ashley Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, at the Beet.TV Big Data Summit held in New York earlier this month about how data, metrics and video intersect. […]


Bravo Strikes Deal With Old Navy; Part of Network’s Digital Strategy

Bravo inked a deal with Old Navy for an integrated synch-to-TV experience for the network's Play Live technology. The so-called "participation TV experience" will let fans play along with Old Navy-sponsroed live content during the second season of "It's a Brad Brad World" slated to premiere March 6. The integration is one of Bravo's latest […]


Taboola To Expand to Branded Video Recommendations

Building on its news video recommendations, video discovery and distribution service Taboola is rolling out a recommendation engine for branded content this year, says Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, during an interview taped at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat. That’s because branded content is one of the biggest growth areas in video, he explains.


PubMatic Expands Video, Rich Media Solutions as it Manages Big Data for Media Firms

PHOENIX — Software firm PubMatic recently introduced new rich media solutions on mobile phones and will add digital video ones to its repertoire later this year, as it seeks to help manage big data for media companies, says Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO of software firm PubMatic, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IAB […]


Video Simulcasts Rising Fast, Boosted by “TV Everywhere,” Adobe’s Noah Levine

PHOENIX — Several programmers are already delivering live TV content for Internet simulcast and many more will this year, predicts Noah Levine, Senior Manager of Product Evangelism at Adobe Video Solutions, in an interview with Beet.TV at the annual IAB Leadership Meeting.


MIT’S Jason Pontin: “Editors Hate to Hear This,” but Readers Have High Regard for Native Advertising

In a study of MIT Technology Review's online and print consumers, readers found that "native" or sponsored content was ranked number two among the most memorable read, reveals Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher in this keynote address at the Beet.TV executive retreat held last month in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


Addressablity Maximizes Video Inventory, Collider Media’s John Rogers

PHOENIX — Given the constraints in the supply of video inventory, technology firms are looking for ways to help publishers optimize campaigns across screens, says John Rogers, Senior VP Publisher Development at Videology-owned Collider, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IAB Leadership Meeting. One way to do through is through addressability, he tell us.


Beet Retreat: Sorting out Programmatic Versus RTB w/ Forrester, SpotXchange, Videology and Xaxis

VIEQUES, PR – Some of the hottest areas of digital video are exchanges, real-time buying and programmatic buying, but there's some confusion as to the differences. At the Beet.TV executive retreat, Joanna O'Connell, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research digs into those areas with executives from Xaxis, Videology and SpotxChange.


Big Marketers Slow to Embrace Big Data, Forrester’s O’Connell

While potential use of data to target individual consumers is more important than ever, a vast majority of major companies are not using data effectively, with just one-in-ten operating a DMP, says Forrester Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell in this dialgue with digital strategist Ashley Swartz.


Programmatic Buying is Big at AOL: Its DSP Now Deployed at Most Agency Holding Companies

PHOENIX – AOL has embraced the “programmatic” selling of inventory via an automated exchange scenario and has deployed its own DSP (demand side platform) technology to four of the five top agency holding companies, says Ned Brody, CEO of AOL Networks, in this inteview with Beet.TV


Amit Seth: Nielsen is “On the Cusp” of Further Understanding the Link Between Viewing and Purchase Intent

PHOENIX – Nielsen is at the “cusp” of integrating viewing and consumer behavior, to provide marketers with the value of video viewing — something which has been missing from media equation, says EVP Amit Seth, EVP, Global Media Products, of The Nielsen Company, in this inteview with Beet.TV

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