I was really pleased to see that "Naked Conversation" has been such a big hit this year.  So cool to see that Amazon named it one of the top-ten technology books for the year.  It’s a really good book for anyone interested in the future of media and communications, and it’s great to see all congratulatory notes pouring into the Scobleizer.

I had the good fortune to meet Shel Israel at Stanford University this summer. He shared his joy and satisfaction with the book and the "new life" it has brought to this accomplished PR veteran.  What a great guy.  Here’s my interview.  Congrats to Shel and Robert on the success of the book and thank you for sharing your insights and inspiring us.

Marshall Kirkpatrick Leaves TechCrunch but Shares His Moves

It’s astonishing how successful TechCrunch is.  Sure Michael Arrington is totally wired into the Silicon Valley scene and has the juice to get tons of scoops, but I’ve often marveled at how fast TechCrunch reports news and information.  After six months, staffer Marshall Kirkpatrick is leaving for consulting work in the nonprofit world.  He just published an amazing explanation of how he manages his workflow at TechCrunch — this is a very valuable post.  I’ve bookmarked this one.  Thanks for sharing, dude. And thanks so much for your kind words about Beet.TV on TechCrunch.  Much obliged.


Marshall Kirkpatrick leaves TechCrunch — we’ll miss you.

Andy Plesser

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