As you probably know by now, Amanda Congdon, the face of Rocketboom has split from the trailblaizing video blog.  It’s HUGE news in the blogesphere — Rocketboom is the top item on Technorati (at 7 am EDT) — beating Ken Lay and North Korea! Amanda explains her side of the story on her blog Amanda UnBoomed.

Kate and I hung out with Amanda, Andrew Baron and their entourage last month at the vlogger conference in San Francisco.  Amanda was certainly the superstar, much sought by legions of vloggers with video cameras.  I regret to say the Beet didn’t get her on tape, but we got Andrew Baron, the founder and creative and technical brain behind Rocketboom.  Not at all glitzy, he is brilliant and low key, and prefers to wear a baseball cap tightly pulled down over his forehead.  We posted our interview with him last month, but thought it would be of interest to point it out today.

At the conclusion of Vloggercon, I had dinner with my good friend Tom Foremski of the Silicon Valley Watcher and headed to the Oakland Airport for the flight to JFK. I found the Rocketboom crew waiting like yours truly to get on a jam packed Jet Blue redeye. 

I thought I should take out my trusty Panasonic and get Amanda on tape, afer all, she was trapped, but she didn’t look too happy and was really tired so I spared her:). Maybe I’ll meet up with her some day at the Hotel Bel-Air or the first class lounge at Heathrow?  Not sure, but I bet she’ll be very successful and all of us at Beet.TV wish her well.

— Andy Plesser

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