We spoke with New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott about the impact of technology on the advertising business. He tells us it’s a time of both considerable forment and creativity for Madison Avenue. 

Much of the creativity, he tells us, is coming from small ad agencies in Manhattan.  He sees a renaissance occurring in the Big Apple; after 10-15 years of New Yorkers ceding creativity to smart ad folks in places like Portland, Austin and Miami, the center of gravity has swung back to “Madison Avenue.”

Here’s a transcript of some of Stuart’s remarks, along with some of ad agencies he admires:

    “I think for the first time in a very long time you have a lot of creative talent doing new and interesting and different things in New York.  Agencies like Anomaly, and the New York office of StrawberryFrog, and the New York office of Mother and Amalgamated and a lot of other new agencies that are starting up here as opposed to other cities and other markets.”

Stuart also talks about why, contrary to popular belief, the 30-second spot is not dead. Things are changing he says, but certain tenets of the industry remain.

— Andy Plesser

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