For publishers the age of video has arrived and some big companies are doing a very good job of integrating it into their websites and blogs, and reaping the rewards for doing so.

CNET, the giant online media company in San Francisco, pioneered the production and distribution of video content about technology when it was founded some ten years ago; so it’s fitting that it is leading the publishing industry in the innovative use of online video.

Kate and I caught up with Dan Farber recently in San Francisco at Vloggercon. Dan is VP of Editorial at CNET and Editor-in-Chief of ZDNet. He is among the most insightful and articulate observers of the world of technology and online media. (I’m incredibly proud to say he’s also our friend and that CNET/ZDNet has been a client for 10 years of Plesser Holland Associates, publisher of Beet.TV)

Dan shares some ways that CNET is using video to enhance their site: to condense lengthy explanations into simple, quick ones, to build on their other publishing platforms and provide a place for their audience to participate and converse, and to address the next challenge in the age of video – production skills.

— Andy Plesser

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