Dabble provides individuals with the ability to create and share preferred "playlists" of all sorts of videos from many sources. 

The Berkeley-based company doesn’t host or publish video clips, it just indexes them according to the interest of viewers.  These "favorites" can then be shared with others.  I think it’s a cool way to organize and find video clips from so many different sources as organized by others.   I guess you could say it’s a little del.icio.us-like?

Mary Hodder, founder and CEO gives us a great explanation of the utility along with a demonstration.

Bambi Rules! – Bambi Francisco, the wonderful columnist, blogger and budding televison star with Marketwatch, publishes great coverage of the whole new world of social networking and online video.  She was the first to report on the potential sale of Facebook to Yahoo!  Way to go Bambi!

ScobleShow to Debut on Monday! – Robert’s show is going to launch on Monday. Here’s a little teaser — lookin’ good, Robert!

Congratulations Matt Marshall – Matt has launched a superb called blog called VentureBeat, about technology and venture capital.  He is one hard working dude who knows his material.  Matt’s is one of the best business journalists we know — and a really nice guy.  He worked for years at the Wall Street Journal Europe in Germany then at the San Jose Mercury News.  He’s authored a book on Germany’s central bank for goodness sakes, so he can certainly unravel the venture world.  Go Matt, go!  Tell it like it is! VC Alert: Watch out for Matt on Sand Hill Road — don’t get crushed 🙂

You should check out Matt’s piece on an interesting start-up in the Bay Area called MeeVee.

Andy Plesser

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