Superstar venture capitalist Roger McNamee was on the campus of MIT for the Emerging Technologies Conference where he gave an extraordinary keynote address on the importance of media and entertainment as a dynamic area for innovation and for investment.

His presentation was followed by a question and answer session with Jason Pontin, editor in chief of Technology Review.  The audio file will be posted in a couple of days on the Technology Review site.

Roger is with Elevation Partners, the Menlo Park-based VC fund. Bono is one of his partners. The fund recently made a major investment in Forbes

I spoke with him about his views on consumer-generated content.  Turns out he’s a fan of YouTube and watches a bunch of clips including Keith Olbermann, and many random favorites including panda bear clips.  He thinks search is the next big challenge for online video.


Looks like a lot of folks at Forbes are checking out YouTube — particulary with CEO Chad Hurley on the cover of the new issue. Great article. Also, check out my interview with Chad from July on Beet.TV

Andy Plesser

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