Here at Beet.TV, we’ve been working away on a video blog about legal education for Fordham Law SchoolLawClinic.TV  is about the school’s department that teaches aspiring lawyers in real experiences with clients.

To our understanding it’s the first video blog to chronicle the academic world.

The project got a terrific write-up in The New York Law Journal today. 

We’ve working with professor Ian Weinstein, who is our guide and annotes the posts.   

We’re following five students throughout the semester as they learn about criminal defense.  In this first episode, they are learning about handling arraignments in New York State Court.

Thanks to my colleage Taryn Mickus who has really done an outstanding job.  It’s really coming along.

Andy Plesser

Fortune and Forbes Weigh-in Online Video Explosion — interesting take on the emerging business and realistic business models. Nice to read about all the cool start-ups in Forbes including our friends and neighbor Pando

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