Alex Blum was the top broadband strategist at AOL for eight years.  He now heads JumpTV, a new company that streams live broadcasts from far flung nations to subscriber’s computers. Programming is consumed by many immigrant groups.

Alex says true streaming media is here — that live linear broadcasting over the public Internet is finally viable. 

The next step for JumpTV is the introduction of social networking functionality.  The company will create social networks around different subscriber groups. 

We’ve been following the utilization of video in building social networking groups.  VideoEgg has been making some very interesting link ups with Dogster, Hi5, Bebo and others.  DM News has cool story about this.  Keep up with developments in the vlog world with the new blog from VideoEgg. It’s called Hardboiled.  Cute!

Andy Plesser

Check out this story from Business Week on video tagging.

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