MTV is breaking some important ground by empowering individuals to create personalized video blogs within the MTV Network. It’s called "The Pod, Broadcast Yourself."

The video upload is processed through VideoEgg and the content management system used by MTV is from iUpload, an 8-year old content management systems business in Toronto.

We spoke with iUpload CEO Robin Hopper at the Beet.TV studios. We think that it is very cool that software applications can be used to grow and manage networks of individuals, large and small.  I mean, it’s great to vlog, but how cool is it to empower others to create vlog networks with you?

Another great technology platform for creating personalized blog networks is called "GoingOn" which was recently launched as part of the new AlwaysOn Network

— Andy Plesser

Lonelygirl ID’d By Silicon Valley Watcher Tom Foremski’s 18-Year Old Son! — Wow, like father like son, a chip off the old block.  Congrats Matt on the big scoop, you’ve must have made the the old man proud.  The story has made the front page of today’s New York Times business section with a double by-line story by Tom Zeller, Jr. and Virginia Heffernan.  Virginia is a Times TV critic and blogger and author of Screens.  Her blogging about of the whole Lonelygirl mystery has been fascinating. 

YouTube is the One to Catch – Reuters TV has a great 5-minute business story about  how Motionbox, Grouper, Revver, iFilm, and are approaching the dynamic business of online video. Correspondent Bobbi Rebell reports.

NBC Universal Launches Digital Marketplace – NBC announced the launch of the National Broadband Company (or nbbc) to aggregate, monetize and distribute its video content.

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