I made a film in 1969 in my home town of Great Neck, Long Island about teenage sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, alienation and despair.  It was my life!  A film scholar told me recently it reminded her of John Cassavetes’ "Faces" . Wow, that was my inspiration.  I kid you not, I saw that seminal film back in 1968.

"Page 2" is becoming a minor hit on the Internet.  I uploaded my 11 minute black & white film in July and was astonished to see it has been viewed over 32,000 times.  Incredible.  I hadn’t seen the numbers until tonight.

Google just introduced a "view" counter available to the public, similar to YouTube.  The new utility also shows the number of views in the past 24 hours, an indicator of what’s hot — my film seems to be cooling as it just got 19 views yesterday 🙁

— Andy Plesser

Yahoo! Teams with Current for Vlogging Enterprise interesting take on this important new step in video blogging by Liz Gannes in GigaOm.  Check this out.