“SSP’s and Ad Servers Will be Dead in Two Years,” SpotXchange’s Mike Shehan

PHOENIX – The digital adtech  sectors of supply side platforms (SSP’s) and ad servers will be dead in two years as publishers and advertisers will demand an integrated offering, says Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange, in this interview with Beet.TV Shehan’s SpotXchange has been known as video advertising SSP, has made the move to incorporating […]


Brand Content Goal Posts Are Wide: Gannett’s Kilgore

How does pricing for branded content shape up against that for display ads? The two are like chalk and cheese, suggests Gannett national sales president Randy Kilgore. “It’s very different because it’s not a formula,” Kilgore tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Some of these things are six-month programmes where you send people out and do videos […]


TubeMogul, Videoplaza Create Programmatic Marketplace

They are two of the largest video ad tech outfits. Now TubeMogul and Ooyala’s Videoplaza unit are integrating to create a marketplace for the programmatic trading of video ads between premium brands and publishers. The pair say TubeMogul’s platform will connect with Videoplaza’s Konnect suite to allow access to Videoplaza’s inventory on a programmatic basis. Speaking with Beet.TV […]


Screen Size Not The Only Mobile Responsive Variable: Adaptive’s Lynch

Developers have spent the last couple of years tweaking websites for smaller screens using “responsive” design techniques. But screen size is not the only way to adapt experiences for mobile screens. “When we talk about creating a responsive experience … to deliver mobile use the same experience they would have on the desktop … how […]


Viewability Measurement Issues Loom, IPG’s Weinstein

The advertising industry has made small strides in viewability but still has a long ways to go, especially in measurement of this area, says Mitchell Weinstein, SVP, Director of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands, in this interview with Beet.TV. Tracking viewability with mobile video and TV remains challenging, he says. “We focus on what we can […]


Scripps Focuses on Custom Audience Segments

To combat potential pre-roll ad fatigue, Scripps Networks is focusing on upping the amount of custom ad content it offers to marketing partners, says Bill Murray, VP Sales Strategy & Planning at Scripps Networks in this interview with Beet.TV. “We are looking at how to do integrated custom video ad experiences,” he says, and those could be […]


4As Fights Piracy, Fraudulent Traffic, Nancy Hill

The advertising industry is determined to combat digital ad fraud. Case in point: the 4A’s is investing resources in this initiative through a new group focused on battling fraud and piracy, says Nancy Hill, President and CEO of the 4A’s in this interview with Beet.TV. The Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy, founded by the 4As and […]


Quantcast Brings Its Data Play To The Table: SVP D’Souza

Quantcast is known for helping brands measure their website performance. Now it is also trying to offer “Big Data” services to clients. “We see consumers in the US around 800 to 900 times a month – we process around 30 petabytes of data every day,” according to company SVP Adrian D’Souza. “We’re able to predict very well what […]


Viewability Is Stepping Stone To TV-Style Online Ad Pricing: MRC

The Media Ratings Council says it started tackling the question of whether online ads are truly viewed by consumers or not in order that online ads can be priced similar to analog ones. “We see it as a stepping stone to a means to another end – an audience based currency on GRPs (gross rating points, […]


Gaming Is The New Cinema: AdColony’s Barash

We’ve known for some time that the video games industry is bigger than Hollywood. But the growth of mobile gaming is underlining that position. “The phone is your primary device,” says business development mobile ad tech provider AdColony‘s VP Matt Barash. “Maybe gaming is the new cinema. It’s where people spend a lot of time. “Recently, we had the Super Bowl […]


Dstillery Leans on Data to Find New Customers

Digital ad firm Dstillery is aiming to connect big brands with the next ring of customers, says Tom Phillips, CEO of Dstillery, in this interview with Beet.TV. Dstillery harnesses data for marketers, and does that by applying data science to consumer behavior. “What we are good at is finding customers for tier-one marketers for whom conventional […]


Index Exchange Doubles Down on Programmatic

The run rate for ad tech firm Index Exchange has hit $200 million due to its sole focus now on programmatic buying, says Andrew Casale, President and CEO of Index Exchange, in this interview with Beet.TV. “Programmatic has dramatically changed our business,” he says. Index Exchange, formerly Casale Media, shifted its business from 100% focused […]


MySpace Userbase Is Now Viant’s Giant Ad Targeting Machine

MySpace may have struggled to retain relevance over the last few years, but its latest owner recently rolled up the social network in to a proposition it hopes advertisers will find appealing. Interactive Media Holdings, which also owns Specific Media, Vindico and Xumo, has reacast as Viant Ad Cloud. “We realised, four or five years ago, we […]


Yahoo: Three Keys to Native Ad Success

Native ads can often generate more attention then display ads, and they also usually drive a positive brand association, says Lauren Weinberg, VP Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo, in this interview with Beet.TV. According to Yahoo’s research, 60% of consumers have a positive perception of native ads, and they generate three times the attention of standard display ads. Weinberg said that Yahoo […]


eXelate Launching TV-Mobile Ad Solution: CEO Zagorski

It’s been going for seven years with its customer data services. Now eXelate is also one of the companies helping advertisers knit together messaging in the multi-screen era, with some pretty cool-sounding technology. “We’ve partnered with Innovid and connected mobile app data with smart TV boxes to be able to dynamically change advertising based on […]


Retargeting is Huge on Mobile, Video is Next, Criteo’s Deichert

Ad retargeting has become known for serving users with ads for products they have already looked up on the Internet. So could the same work for video? Not yet, according to a man from one of the top display ad retargeting services. “To do a really quality job with video retargeting, you have to have […]


IAB’s Rothenberg: The Problem with Viewabilty is the Tech Vendors

While publishers and advertisers are essential in agreement over what constitutes a “viewable” digital advertisement, the technology for measuring ‘viewability” is a big problem, with multiple tech vendors coming with vastly different findings, says Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the IAB in this interview with Beet.TV He says that there are disparities of 30-40 percent between […]


Marketing Industry Chief: Ad Fraud Must be “Put to Its Death”

Speaking in blunt terms, Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the ANA,  the nation’s trade association for advertisers, says that his group has had enough and wants no part of criminal activity where dollars are being diverted in various ad fraud scenarios.   He says the industry needs to deal with this problem effectively and […]


Ad Sellers Not Equipped For Programmatic Fight: Adomik’s Shaevitz

PHOENIX — The rash of new ad tech platforms we have seen over the last couple of years is designed to wring greater efficiency, better targeting and lower costs out of ad buying. All of that appears to be stacked in favor of ad buyers, not ad sellers – so is the sell side disadvantaged […]


Programmatic TV’s Future Is Four-Fold: SpotXchange’s Cooke

PHOENIX — What’s the future of “programmatic”, the collection of targeting and trading technologies currently revolutionizing display advertising, when it comes to television and video? It boils down to “four buckets”, says video ad tech platform SpotXchange’s programmatic TV VP Randy Cooke: “Linear stream is going to benefit from a tremendous amount of optimization.” “Addressability.” “Dynamic […]

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