To combat potential pre-roll ad fatigue, Scripps Networks is focusing on upping the amount of custom ad content it offers to marketing partners, says Bill Murray, VP Sales Strategy & Planning at Scripps Networks in this interview with Beet.TV. “We are looking at how to do integrated custom video ad experiences,” he says, and those could be more akin to native videos.

A show on bathroom renovations might have opportunities for brand placement with a sink in a video ad unit, and the unit could be interactive. “We have a lot of first party data we can use. We want to get in front of the audience wherever we can.”

Measurement will be critical for these and all type of video ads. “We want to understand the correlation between custom audience segments and back end performance,” he tells us. “There is a lot of investment in understanding the measurement and how the ad interaction truly affects a user’s outcome.”

We spoke to Murray at the recent IAB Annual Leadership. Please find Beet.TV’s coverage of the event here.