PHOENIX — The rash of new ad tech platforms we have seen over the last couple of years is designed to wring greater efficiency, better targeting and lower costs out of ad buying.

All of that appears to be stacked in favor of ad buyers, not ad sellers – so is the sell side disadvantaged in the ad tech boom?

“They’re showing up to a knife fight with a Nerf bat,” Adomik president and COO Jonathon Shaevitz tells Beet.TV in this video interview. They just don’t have the tools to be successful.

“We see this tremendous disparity between the tools that buyers have in the programmatic world and what sellers have.

“For the market to be healthy there needs to be a lot more parity in terms of information and tools.”

Started in Paris and now employing six in the US, Adomik offers publishers analytics, insight, yield optimization for open real-time bidding, and deal discovery for private marketplace ads.

Shaevitz was interviewed by Beet.TV at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

Beet.TV coverage of the IAB meeting was sponsored by SpotXchange.