Native ads can often generate more attention then display ads, and they also usually drive a positive brand association, says Lauren Weinberg, VP Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo, in this interview with Beet.TV. According to Yahoo’s research, 60% of consumers have a positive perception of native ads, and they generate three times the attention of standard display ads.

Weinberg said that Yahoo has found three elements to be critical for successful native ads. The first is an effective integration of content and platform,  the second is transparency to the consumers that they are seeing an ad, and the third is properly aligning objectives with consumers and ads. “That’s what makes them work well. Consumers find value in them,” she says.

Look for more native ads on Yahoo as well as an increase in mobile native ads too, as part of Yahoo’s growing focus on this format.

Native ads were a key topic at the recent IAB Annual Leadership. Please find Beet.TV’s coverage of the event here.