PHOENIX — What’s the future of “programmatic”, the collection of targeting and trading technologies currently revolutionizing display advertising, when it comes to television and video?

It boils down to “four buckets”, says video ad tech platform SpotXchange’s programmatic TV VP Randy Cooke:

  1. “Linear stream is going to benefit from a tremendous amount of optimization.”
  2. “Addressability.”
  3. “Dynamic ad insertion.”
  4. “Connected TV.”

All four of those provide opportunities, not only for the TV operators but also for content owners themselves.

Being able to build out a supply-side platform that enables the content owners and TV operators to monetize impressions across all four of those buckets is where programmatic ultimately ends up.

SpotXchange also just released its white paper on programmatic TV for ad sellers.

Cooke was interviewed by Beet.TV at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

Beet.TV coverage of the IAB meeting was sponsored by SpotXchange.