They are two of the largest video ad tech outfits. Now TubeMogul and Ooyala’s Videoplaza unit are integrating to create a marketplace for the programmatic trading of video ads between premium brands and publishers.

The pair say TubeMogul’s platform will connect with Videoplaza’s Konnect suite to allow access to Videoplaza’s inventory on a programmatic basis.

Speaking with Beet.TV recently, TubeMogul platform strategy SVP Max Mead said programmatic means efficiencies: “It’s used as a tool to fill in your reach around the core TV schedule across a broader swathe of networks (and to support) targeting beyond age and gender, starting to take on some of the attributes of digital targeting.

“You’ll start to see more automation in the workflow… we’re getting beyond the fax machines.”

Ooyala acquired Videoplaza last October.

He was interviewed by Beet.TV at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

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