The advertising industry is determined to combat digital ad fraud. Case in point: the 4A’s is investing resources in this initiative through a new group focused on battling fraud and piracy, says Nancy Hill, President and CEO of the 4A’s in this interview with Beet.TV.

The Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy, founded by the 4As and other industry groups, certifies that advertising technology companies are reporting and delivering ads properly. The issue of fraudulent traffic has come to the forefront in the last year, and efforts like those of the 4As are designed to help ensure that money is properly spent. Hill says estimates of waste from fraudulent or non-human traffic are in the billions of dollars. “There is a myth that agencies are demanding that everything be viewable. That’s not true. They are asking to only pay for what is viewable,” she says, in explaining the overarching position at the industry.

The digital industry is also aiming to achieve measurement standards with the same accountability of a GRP, she adds.

Viewabilty was widely discussed  and reported from the recent IAB Annual Leadership.  Please find Beet.TV coverage of the event here.

Later this month, we will cover the 4A’s annual conference in Austin where this topic will surely be talked about.