‘Always-On’ Advertising Moving To The Hub: Rocket Fuel’s Skinner

PHOENIX — Rocket Fuel’s acquisition of data management platform X+1 was one of the more talked-about M&A deals in 2014. So why did the programmatic platform do the deal? To give customers a single, constantly-connected platform, says Rocket Fuel’s global partnerships VP David Skinner. “The rationale for the acquisition was that Rocket Fuel really sees […]


Lotame is Powering Video Programmatic with SpotXchange

PHOENIX – Lotame, the big DMP (data management platform)  is powering premium video distribution for publishers, explains Andy Monfried, founder and CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV  He explains how Lotame works with video ad company SpotXchange by bringing deep, actionable data to the company’s programmatic operation. Monfried also talks about the growth of the […]


Mobile Video Advertising up 13X for SpotXchange

PHOENIX — Mobile video advertising is exploding, with year-over-year video advertising up 13X for video adtech company SpotXchange, says Kevin Schaum, Director of Mobile Operations.  In the interview, he explains the factors leading the growth of monetization of mobile video on both the App and mobile web platforms. Schaum also speaks about the growth of […]


Dailymotion Boosts Ad Income With Private Exchange: Pigasse

PHOENIX — Dailymotion, the big global video platform tried open programmatic exchanges to sell its video advertising – but soon constrained its dealings to a smaller pool of buyers. “At the end, we could not manage it – we could not set the rules by ourselves,” according to chief revenue officer Damien Pigasse. “So we decided, a […]


Slate’s Jacob Weisberg on Podcasting: “It’s the Most Intense User Experience of Any Medium”

PHOENIX – The audio podcast, long cast aside by many news organizations, is finding a resurgence.   Says Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of Slate Group in this interview with Beet.TV While there has been new attention for podcasts with the success of Serial, Slate has been producing them since 1999.  He says “as a journalist, I […]


The Media Agency of Future Will be About Creativity, Not Big Data, Publicis’ Tobaccowala

PHOENIX – While data is providing greater efficiency for marketers, data tools will become widely available.  It will be the media agencies of the future who can harness creativity who will succeed, says Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategist for the Publicis Groupe, in this wide ranging interview with Beet.TV He talks about the changing demands of […]


Custom Video Now in “Big League” for Marketers, DigitasLBi’s Scott Donaton

PHOENIX –  The upcoming Digital Content NewFronts, a two week showcase for digital video, will represent the maturation of sponsored video as a medium, says Scott Donaton, Chief Content Officer of DigitasLBi NA, in this interview with Beet.TV Donaton says that custom creative content, coupled with traditional media, outperforms traditional campaigns.  He says what has been […]


Ad Fraud Is Not As Widespread As You Think: comScore CEO

PHOENIX — Over the last year, the reality that many web ads are viewed not by consumers but by automated scripts, or are otherwise out of view, has gained visibility. Some estimates on the topic gloomily suggest the sky is falling over digital advertising. But that’s far from the truth – at least, if you […]


Outbrain Uses Data To Improve Content Marketing: LaCour

PHOENIX — Since founding in 2006, Outbrain has built up to serving 200bn content recommendations on publisher sites every month, most as suggestions at the bottom of online articles. Now it wants use some of that breadth to improve the relevance of those recommendations. “As publishers get smarter in content recommendation, we’re able to better understand the […]


Hearst’s Troy Young: Editors Need to Be Involved with Native Advertising

PHOENIX –  With the “democratization” of media channels, advertising opportunities for publishers have dramatically shifted.   Publishers can partner with advertisers to create high quality, engaging content, says Troy Young President of Hearst Digital, in this video interview. Regarding the so called “separation of church and state” between editorial and publishing, he says that editors […]


IAB Taps Xaxis Chair David J. Moore to Lead Tech Group

PHOENIX – In effort to establish global standards around advertising technology, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has created the IAB Tech Lab and this week announced the appointment of David J. Moore as chairman of the new group. Moore is chairman of Xaxis and president of WPP Digital.  He is a past Chairman of the IAB. […]


Ad Fraud is Improving but Publishers are Wrongly Taking the Blame, Vivek Shah

PHOENIX – Outgoing IAB chair Vivek Shah, who ignited the industry around  the ad fraud issue with his fiery speech at last year’s IAB Leadership Meeting, says that twelve months on, the problem of fraud has improved with the efforts of both publishers and the the marketing community. But the problem persists and he feels that […]


Bloomberg Launches New Site with “Maximum Viewability” for Advertisers, debuts with Microsoft

PHOENIX –  Bloomberg Media has combined Bloomberg.com and BloombergBusinessWeek.com into a new flagship destination BloombergNews.com. It has been designed with new advertising units which make ads “viewable” across screens, explains Paul Caine, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Bloomberg Media, in this interview with Beet.TV He says the Microsoft is the site’s global launch partner.  The […]

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