The run rate for ad tech firm Index Exchange has hit $200 million due to its sole focus now on programmatic buying, says Andrew Casale, President and CEO of Index Exchange, in this interview with Beet.TV. “Programmatic has dramatically changed our business,” he says.

Index Exchange, formerly Casale Media, shifted its business from 100% focused on direct buying to 100% focused on programmatic, and that pivot has transformed the company, he says. “Publishers have more choice in the supply side platforms they work with. “We are the neutral objective layer to make trading trustworthy.”

Programmatic buying is changing the ad business because its gives publishers more data. “Publishers can be as smart as the buy side by leveraging the data they have. The clients know what they want,” he says.

We spoke to Casale at the recent IAB Annual Leadership. Please find Beet.TV’s coverage of the event here.