Automated buying and selling of television advertising this year is a bigger part of negotiations among advertisers, agencies and media companies during the upfront sales season. As marketers seek to secure ad placements on network television for the next year, programmatic deals are more prominent.

“We’ve seen a pretty big shift this year with programmatic being part of the discussion in the upfront and prior to the upfront,” Samantha Rose, executive vice president and strategic investment lead at Horizon Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams.

The programmatic marketplace includes demand-side platforms (DSPs) who represent advertisers and sell-side platforms (SSPs) who offer ad inventories of media companies. Within that universe, there are more exclusive private marketplaces (PMPs) and alternatives to real-time bidding such as programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals.

“We’re talking with our partners in the programmatic community — the DSPs and the SSPs and everybody — about how we activate in the upfront and how we take dollars that were maybe formerly direct IO [insertion order],” Rose said. “We’re having conversations about making sure that we can clear the inventory that we want at the right price…and garner all of the benefits that the upfront offers, which is the best pricing and the best inventory.”

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