CANNES – The significant changes in how people spend time with media and advertising have led marketers and media companies to find measurement solutions that accurately reflect consumer behavior. Rivals to Nielsen, which has dominated television ratings for decades, are gaining acceptance in helping to set the value of ad transactions, or what are known as currencies.

“We are getting clients to see that this is the moment where we do need to look at other solutions, in addition to still utilizing Nielsen, obviously,” Maureen Bosetti, chief partnership officer at Initiative, a media-buying agency owned by Interpublic Group, said in this interview with Jonathan Steuer, co-founder and chief executive of Anonymous Media Research.

“There really is an appetite to utilize different sources, and partners like iSpot and VideoAmp are also really good at back-end measurement, so they can also use it to close the loop,” Bosetti said. “If you can use it to plan, buy and measure, those opportunities are real and clients are really leaning into that.”

Initiative is participating in Nielsen’s testing of Nielsen One, the company’s cross-platform measurement service.

As the buying and selling of media become more automated, a major goal is to have interoperability among the technology used by marketers, agencies, media companies and ad-tech providers.

“A lot of our partners, like Mediaocean, are making sure that it’s interoperable, which is critical,” Bosetti said, “because if it’s not operationalized, it’s very hard to scale, because then you can’t ingest the data into your buying systems, you can’t transact off of it.”

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