AI Helps to Gain Insights Into Audience Data: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

SANTA MONICA, CA – The explosive popularity of ChatGPT, a chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence, has ignited interest in what the technology can do. For media buyers, a different form of AI known as machine learning is helping to pull audience insights from ever-growing troves of data. Computer programs that get smarter helps “to […]


Dentsu’s DELTA Attracts Advertisers To VideoAmp’s Currency

Alternative media currencies aren’t just a “maybe” anymore – big media agencies are now leaning into buying media using the new numbers. Dentsu announced today more than seven big-brand parent companies have bought ads through dentsu’s Data Enabled Linear TV Activation (DELTA) platform using VideoAmp. In this video interview with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Brad […]


Brands Are Leaning Into Advanced Metrics, Newer Ad Formats: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies are coming together in the recently formed Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. As consumers split their time and attention among a variety of viewing devices and media outlets, marketers are seeking more insights on people’s awareness of TV advertising. […]


Attention Metrics Add New Dimension to Media Measurement: dentsu’s Brad Stockton

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Marketers are placing greater emphasis on attributing how their television advertising leads to an outcome, which other kinds of media such as internet search and social networks do. As consumers divide their attention among a variety of viewing devices and media outlets, marketers are seeking more insights on people’s awareness of […]


SAVOD Marks Next Evolution of Video Streaming for Brands: dentsu’s Brad Stockton

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Media buyers have been look for sources of television advertising inventory to help them reach audiences, especially millions of younger consumers who canceled cable and satellite service or never ordered it in the first place. A significant source of inventory is coming from major streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ […]


CTV Can Provide Greater Media Transparency for Advertisers: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Millions of people are hooking up their TVs directly to the internet, giving advertisers a way to reach target audiences that’s similar to digital pinpointing. This delivery mechanism is significant in making the video ad marketplace more transparent to marketers and agencies. “Knowing what programs our audiences are really tuning into to allow us to […]


‘True Interoperability’: Dentsu’s Stockton Taps VideoAmp To Measure ViacomCBS

Pilots have begun in which the ad agency Dentsu will test using VideoAmp metrics, not Nielsen or Comscore, to measure ViacomCBS viewership. It is one more way in which media and agency businesses are looking for an alternative to traditional measurement. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brad Stockton, SVP, US National Video Innovation, Dentsu, […]


Not So FAST?: Dentsu’s Stockton Weighs Merits Of Scale & Data

In a media environment this complex, it seems like planners can earn their crust again. With new viewing options supplanting linear, but coming with a host of fragmentation, agencies have a role in picking the right mix of capabilities and inventory value. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brad Stockton, Dentsu’s SVP of US national […]


Where Addressable TV Fits In: Dentsu’s Stockton

The emergence of connected and over-the-top TV solutions for advertisers presents the promise of one-to-one advertising, going beyond the old demographic targeting approach. But few ad agencies out there believe that a grand lurch from one medium to another would be sensible. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dentsu Aegis Network’s VP of video innovation […]