Five months after launching its own demand-side ad platform (DSP), Samsung Ads is amassing audience scale and technical capability to become a major ad publishing player.

As connected TV advertising evolves, it seems the OEMs whose screens are being viewed are sitting pretty on top of primary user behavior data. Vizio leverages such data through its Inscape subsidiary, and Samsung is sitting on a treasure trove.

The company uses automatic content recognition (ACR) to identify what viewers are watching, including ads.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Samsung Ads’ Craig Chinn explains latest developments.

Changing behavior

Samsung Ads boasts data on 45 million households, made available to ad buyers through its programmatic platforms and delivered to Samsung screens via two key products in particular:

  • Samsung TV Plus: A smart TV app that itself bundles 160 free channels.
  • Samsung Content Network: Partnerships with content providers like Tubi, Cheddar and Pluto.

“Traditionally we’ve always had a managed service, a DSP, and we recently released the desire for agencies to have their own agency trade desk who are very much hands-on-keyboard,” says Chinn.

“They actually want to engage and with our audiences without dealing with necessarily a managed service. That’s what the Samsung DSP is specifically designed for.

“SpotX is our first partner and they continue to be our preferred platform. Private marketplace advertisers continue to want to transact in a way that is programmatic and so we give them that option.”

Samsung’s Oh Finds ‘Unfindables’ & Heavy Gamers With ACR

Measuring up

The Samsung DSP offers access to TV viewership data that signals viewer interests and premium video inventory.

“Many are going through a private marketplace, (which) to us is an ability to not only transact with our ACR data but also ensure they’re in a safe environment,” says Chinn.

The group also recently unveiled a measurement suite after a pilot by General Motors.

The product is particularly intended for use by car sales brands.

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