LAS VEGAS — As 2024 shapes up to be the year Google finally began switching off cookies, some companies are growing their advertising, instead, by leveraging their own user data.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Grether, VP, General Manager, Uber Advertising, says his company allows advertisers to harness user data from Uber’s range of apps.

Grether explains what is coming from the company.

Uber’s Wealth of Data

“When we launched Uber Advertising a little more than a year ago, we had the opportunity to tap in a wealth of first-party data across our mobility and delivery businesses,” Grether says.

The ability to engage a young audience, especially in a relaxed state such as during a car ride, has been met with positive feedback,” he adds.

Grether is particularly thrilled about how savvy advertisers have been utilizing both the mobility and delivery platforms. “For example, you may launch a new beverage on the mobility side…and then you can actually order the beverage on Uber Eats,” he illustrates.

Uber Advertising’s versatility can be both a strength and a challenge.

“We are a little bit of everything for everyone,” Grether admits. To overcome this, the company has focused on building clear narratives for different verticals.

He cites a successful partnership with Criteo to run smaller items on Uber’s platform as an example of a targeted approach to a specific vertical – grocery and retail advertisers. This partnership is now set to expand internationally.

Embracing Signal Loss

With the demise of cookies, Grether believes Uber is well-positioned due to its first-party data.

“We have logged-in authenticated users, and that is a tremendous asset,” he asserts.

“But it also gives us the opportunity to use the first-party data to provide much more value in terms of insights and measurements back to our advertisers.

“We know who are the people on our platform, we know what they’re doing, we know who is transacting, and giving that feedback back to advertisers is certainly something which we’ll do much more of in 2024.”

The interview was conducted by Mike Shields, CEO, Shields Strategic Consulting.

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