LAS VEGAS — Subscription- and advertising-supported streaming TV services used to be regarded as diametrically-opposed models.

Now the addition of ad support by SVoD operators has changed that.

But Karl Meyer thinks ads also have another role to play – he thinks ads on streaming TV screens can help reignite lapsed viewers.

Meyer, Head of Media & Entertainment, Samsung Ads, spoke in this video interview with Beet.TV.

Samsung Ads: A Multi-Touch Approach to Advertising

When asked about the inventory Samsung Ads makes available to advertisers, Meyer explains that it begins with the “native-first screen ad tiles or landing page, first home screen page”.

These are critical points as they represent the last interaction before a customer switches to a streaming app. He outlines how Samsung Ads sells these in audience takeovers, impression-based, audience-driven campaigns, Gaming Hub, in its own FAST service Samsung TV Plus, in recommendation areas and so on.

Meyer emphasizes Samsung Ads’ multi-touch approach to marketing.

The Battle Against Churn in Streaming Services

When it comes to the surge of choice within the streaming industry, Meyer notes a significant shift in focus. “Four years ago, the question I always asked often was, ‘What is it you’re focused on when it comes to streaming business?’ It (was) a lot about acquiring a new customer.

“That has changed significantly to churn, to retention, and to drive that tactic in a sense of better targeting and audience setups,” he explains.

To combat churn, Samsung Ads offers a data-focused approach that enables a detailed analysis of audience segments.

“It’s about finding that audience that has churned or left and then winning them back in some either creative way with a different sequential ad campaign or creative that’s stickier or program-specific or something that just might be as obvious as a general audience target, or something that’s a lot more narrowed,” Meyer states.

The Power of Smart

Reflecting on the evolution of smart advertising, Meyer notes the growth experienced by Samsung Ads. “When I got in seven and a half years ago at Samsung, we had 17 million US TVs, and now we’re at 72 million TVs in the United States.

“The first-screen masthead ad tile generates about 3.3 billion impressions on a monthly basis,” he shares.

He also highlights how the synergy of the native tiles and CTV has led to better performance for ad buyers.

“They’re buying more CTV in combination with native tiles because the two together perform far better than just running a native tile,” Meyer concludes.

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