AVOD Will Dominate in Streaming Wars: Samsung Ads’ Karl Meyer

LOS ANGELES – People who hoped to save some money by canceling their cable or satellite service and switching to streaming are seeing more premium content go behind subscription paywalls. That makes free programming on ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services appealing to a wide group of consumers. “Free is free. It’s liberating. It’s what […]


Samsung Ads’ Meyer: The Gaming Industry Is Advertising’s Next Frontier

Gaming, like streaming, has become an enormous part of a burgeoning ad model. In an interview with Beet.TV, Karl Meyer, head of sales, media and entertainment at Samsung Ads, explains that his company is able to use unique metrics to help this corner of advertising grow. Gaming provides a target audience for Samsung in age […]


Samsung Ads’ Meyer: ‘Discovery’ Mode on Smart TVs Is a Sweet Spot for Advertisers

Samsung Ads, the media conglomerate’s ads division, provides the measurement and targeting at scale for the billions of smart TVs operated by the company. “These four to five billion smart TVs, connected on a daily basis – they’re smart about that and now our data is one-to-one deterministic,” says Karl Meyer, head of sales, media […]