LAS VEGAS — Roku already offers advertisers “Superbowl reach every single day.”

Now it also wants to bring them new, interactive, shoppable ad formats and help streaming TV providers win back customers.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jake Piasecki, US Head of Verticals, Roku, explains the latest trends.

Bridging the Streaming Ad Divide

Roku joined GroupM’s recently-formed Ad Innovation Accelerator program, which GroupM said will “strategize and create scalable ad formats that are designed to be ubiquitous across ad-supported streaming environments such as Peacock, Telly, The Roku Channel and YouTube, among others”.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with GroupM and all the other partners that are involved with it,” Piasecki says.

The collaborative effort aims to ensure interoperability across streaming platforms, enhancing viewer engagement beyond traditional TV spots.

“Simply taking your 15 and 32-second linear TV spots isn’t doing justice for what the opportunity in streaming really is,” he asserts.

The move towards standardization is seen as a natural progression in the face of media landscape changes.

“Creating one set of standards makes it easier for agencies and their clients really to produce the right types of spots that we know is going to drive stronger engagements,” Piasecki explains.

Addressing Serial Churn in Streaming

Roku is also positioning itself in two emerging areas – helping TV streaming services retain customers and helping advertisers sell products.

Piasecki says  he wants to help fight “serial churn” where viewers rotate between apps based on content availability.

“We connect the dots of if they saw the ad on Hulu and did they see the ad on Peacock,” he adds, highlighting Roku’s position in providing comprehensive reach analytics.

Meanwhile, Roku is also venturing  into retail media. “We’re seeing a lot of learning,” Piasecki notes, regarding a partnership with Walmart for shoppable ads.

“A 32-second shoppable ad could turn into a 92-second brand engagement opportunity,” he says.

The interview was conducted by Jon Watts, The Project X Institute.

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