CANNES – The ability to get things done is a key trait for people in leadership roles, though that competence accumulates over time.

“I noticed that in my twenties as a leader, I needed certain traits. Now that I’m in a different part of my career, it’s funny how listening becomes a really critical trait,” Michelle Crossan-Matos, chief marketing officer at retail chain Ulta Beauty, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “If you’re not constantly learning, you will never become the leader that you’ve probably hoped you would become.”

These traits aren’t necessarily confined to women or men, though “females must give themselves the permission and they must feel comfortable being able to demonstrate those traits,” she said.

Crossan-Matos recommends getting an early start on the day to be prepared to make decisions and be productive. It’s advice that she has shared with her daughter.

“If you want to outperform your competition, you’ve got to out-train your competition,” she said. “You get up early, you prepare for the day, you meditate, you journal, you learn, you read. By the time you hit the office, whatever time that is, virtually or in person, you’ve already probably done four hours of work before anyone else.”

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