SAN JUAN, PR — When Craig Berlingo gives local advertisers new super-powers, he doesn’t necessarily want them to have to read an instruction manual.

The marketing capabilities on offer through new connected TV services are a step-change from traditional local advertising norms.

But Berlingo, CPO, Madhive, says it is imperative ad-tech can simplify those powers to unlock the next generation of new advertisers.

Reduce complexity

Capabilities like targeting and frequency control through connected TV have, until recently, been the preserve of larger, national brands. But Madhive is amongst the ad-tech companies bringing those powers to local brands.

“I think it’s our responsibility to make it less complicated,” Berlingo said, during an interview at Beet Retreat San Juan.

“(Ad-tech is) reinventing ourselves for what makes sense in a connected television environment, in a video environment, in a brand environment. That’s not what we originally built this stuff for.”

Sifting through data

To get a sense of the potential complexity, look at Madhive’s own platform.

The company offers a programmatic platform for all parts of the ecosystem – buyers, sellers and data partners – including supporting planning, buying, measurement and AI-based optimization.

“We see something along the lines of 10 million queries per second – 10 million ad opportunities – we’re sorting through all that,” Berlingo says.

“In the (ad) exchange, there are other advertisers that normally wouldn’t be able to buy on broadcast TV. There are other kinds of sellers and publishers who are offering video inventory that’s not necessarily the (traditional) 60-minute TV show.”

New numbers

So, it is certainly a new world – one in which Madhive is encouraging brands that may have previously advertised through local cable TV but struggled to attribute outcomes to the practice.

Now Berlingo imagines the likes of local auto dealers able to use connected TV to target households in specific areas but not others, able to attribute showroom visits and test drives back to TV ad exposure using technology that connects viewer activity in a data trail.

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He thinks that will also unlock a new range of numbers to measure for local advertisers, like brand lift.

“There’s all those different pieces that a lot of these advertisers haven’t had the pleasure of being able to be exposed to before,” he says.

“We have to, as ad tech, be careful not to completely flood them with all of the data that we have.”

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