Local TV is a hotbed of energy once again as MVPDs tool-up their offering, buyers grow more sophisticated and the wider environment calls for more spending.

That’s according to one executive who has been close to the local market despite the last few years of national momentum.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joe Marino, SVP, Strategic Accounts, Madhive, explains what’s happening, and he looks forward to discussions at the forthcoming Beet Retreat 2023 San Juan.

Local is back

“Local is kind of picking up steam again and becoming cool again,” Marino observes.

He says the easing of COVID-19 lockdowns and last year’s US political cycle energized local advertising.

“There’s a lot of attention there, even from national advertisers that are starting to create more localised strategies,” he says. “For us, it’s really the right place to be right now.”

Although he still sees a “lot of door-to-door selling”, Marino says local advertisers are becoming “more digitally savvy”.

“I always heard, as I was growing up in my career, that local was generally five years behind the national marketplace with regards to knowledge and technology and all that kind of stuff.”

Industry get-together

Madhive is a video-focused DSP. It works with broadcast groups to enable their salespeople to visit, plan, buy and measure across linear and IP-delivered TV, amongst other channels.

It offers a programmatic platform for all parts of the ecosystem  buyerssellers and data partners – including supporting planning, buying, measurement and AI-based optimization.

Marino was speaking ahead of appearing at the Beet Retreat, a gathering of high-level media executives. The event will take place at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 8-10, 2023.

The event will involve three days of high-level panels, group conversations, one-on-one video interviews, networking events and interactions.

Measurement on the agenda

Madhive’s Marino is keen to hear a maturation on the topic of connected TV measurement which Beet Retreats have brought to life.

“Co-viewing is a big thing for us,” he says. “Who’s actually seeing the ad? Who’s on the couch or sitting in the room watching the show together? Is it two people, three people, five people know people?

“So (it’s about) really understanding how the market is going approach commingling both ACR data and panel-level data and the OTT delivery data all into one to be able to measure the outcomes as accurately as possible.

“That’s what our clients really care about – making sure they know that their media dollars are working as hard as they really want them to.”

You’re watching coverage of Beet Retreat San Juan 2023, presented by LiveRamp, Madhive, Magnite, Paramount, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions and VideoAmp. For more videos from the Beet Retreat, please visit this page.