SAN JUAN, PR — The new era of TV advertising looks likely to be measured by a multitude of providers, not just the historic single outfit.

In that kind of competitive landscape, how are any of the contenders – like, VideoAmp and others – going to stand out?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer, VideoAmp, describes what he thinks it will take for the new wave to differentiate.

Competition and choice

“One provider has dominated the currency landscape for 60 years; longer,” Chasin says, describing the US industry’s traditional reliance on Nielsen, which is working to regain accreditation and which is releasing a new suite for cross-screen measurement.

“The marketplace is going to be best served by a small handful of savvy, aggressive, well resourced companies competing to build the best solution.”

If that sounds like a recipe for more complexity for ad buyers, Chasin says: “There’s two benefits – competition and choice.”

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Differentiating factors

Whereas choice may help ad buyers, what about the new crop of measurement providers, all vying for business?

Chasin spotlights three factors they should fight on to differentiate:

1. Quality data measurement

“Data is signal, it’s an input into the creation of information,” he says. “The things that the currency provider does to turn all this data into useful, actionable, accurate information… that still has to matter. Quality will out.”

2. Flowing through pipes

“I’ve come to believe that, in the 21st century, currency will be the place where ad-tech and measurement converge. It’s not enough to measure, you’ve got to measure and then get that measurement all the places that needs to flow.”

3. Identity

“We need to map digital measurements to identities … You want to multi-source it, because we know that no one identity provider is as good as the identity that you can create if you use multiple signals. … The global advertising community, under the auspices of the World Federation of Advertisers, called for a cross-platform reach and frequency solution involving virtual IDs, or vIDs.”


VideoAmp is a software and data platform that helps advertisers and media companies optimize their advertising campaigns and measure their performance across various devices and channels.

VideoAmp has been selected by Warner Bros DiscoveryParamount and TelevisaUnivision to better measure their viewing. The company says other broadcasters are set to follow suit.

VideoAmp’s platform is designed to help advertisers reach their target audiences across TV, digital, and over-the-top (OTT) devices, including connected TV (CTV) and mobile devices.

“We’re expecting roughly 80% of the premium video market will be able to guarantee on VideoAmp in the next upfronts,” the company’s president recently told Beet.TV.

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