SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In a fiercely competitive business, can media operators move forward by coming together?

The new wave of media measurement systems seems to be more about joining together a string of new data providers and other partners than going into battle.

In this video interview with Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat San Juan, Jon Stimmel, Chief Growth Officer, Sabio/AppScience, explains why this approach is driving change.

Better together

“You see a lot of media owners now sourcing different measurement solutions, a lot of ACR (automated content recognition) partners,” Stimmel says.

“Equally with us, we are working with partners in order to find pieces of data that we can then append to our household graph and make it more robust, make it more usable for clients, based on category, political advertising, things like that.

“The notion of partnership … we always operated in a world where people felt more competitive than collaborative.

“And I think we’re seeing a lot more that people who think they’re in the same business are actually better together than competing against each other. And I think that has uplifted a lot of the conversations these days about effective measurement solutions.”

Mobile-powered CTV

Whilst TV companies have historically relied on Nielsen for measurement, the emerging picture being tested involves a cluster of specialist companies being enlisted to provide broadcasters’ measurement stack.

Stimmel’s Sabio is an ad-tech platform offering a connected TV (CTV) platform that is powered by mobile phone data.

It claims to leverage app-level data from over 300 million mobile devices, which can then be fed into CTV buying systems. Sabio has its own DSP, SSP and DMP.

CTV is a medium traditionally hampered by classical digital methods of identifying viewers – so, the theory goes, mobile could be a useful signal.

Portable and private

But Stimmel says privacy goals can still be respected.

“There’s no PII information, there’s nothing we know about individuals and it’s all opt-in,” he says.

“So that then gives us the ability … to actually show what they do.

“The phone tends to be the action item, you take it with you wherever you go, you’re usually going on maybe to go shopping or doing something from that angle.

“That allows us to see what actually the exposure delivers from a ad impact.”

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