Multicultural Media Demands Better Segments & Measurement: Sabio’s Stimmel On Mediahub Partnership

The advertising industry is falling short in the effective measurement and allocation of ad impressions towards multicultural audiences. That is the view of one company which just made a partnership to tackle the problem. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jon Stimmel, Chief Growth Officer at Sabio, highlights the need for a more nuanced understanding […]


Partnership Will Drive New-Wave Media Measurement: Sabio’s Stimmel

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In a fiercely competitive business, can media operators move forward by coming together? The new wave of media measurement systems seems to be more about joining together a string of new data providers and other partners than going into battle. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV’s Beet […]


Beet Retreat Highlights Ways to Boost Campaign Outcomes: Sabio’s Jon Stimmel

Advertisers have grown more focused on business outcomes from their marketing campaigns, pushing media companies to offer performance-based guarantees. As data-drive attribution becomes more scalable and standardized, these deliverables are becoming more attainable. Jon Stimmel, chief growth officer at CTV ad-tech company Sabio, will discuss these issues more in-depth as a featured speaker at the Beet […]


Finding OTT’s Ad Value Amid The SVOD Boom: UM Worldwide’s Stimmel

Subscription video-on-demand services are booming, as a new generation of viewer decides the combination of at-your-service TV without commercial breaks is worth paying for. That growth, coupled with networks’ reduction in linear ad times, seems to put advertisers in a tricky fix – if the size of the ad hole is diminishing, where do ad […]


As Interactive Ads Gain Ground, Addressable Needs Uniformity: UM’s Stimmel

Interactive television ads are increasingly providing meaningful engagement for both brands and viewers. “It’s that direct access and ability to understand something in the moment that I think is really interesting,” says Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer at global media and advertising agency UM. What needs more refinement is marketers’ understanding of specific households for […]


UM’s Stimmel Assesses Advanced Audience Targeting And ‘The Hulu’ Of Data

Every television advertiser is trying to identify what their specific audience means outside of broad age and sex demographic targets. While the latter represent a “fairly blunt instrument that we use as a currency,” more media owners are executing in ways that line up better with how buyers want to execute their plans. An audience […]