SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – National television networks are gradually expanding their support for addressable advertising, which lets marketers send different ads to different households during the same shows. The transition will open up 14 minutes an hour of linear TV ad inventory for improved household-level targeting.

“With the success of the addressable campaigns that we’ve been running within the Comcast environment, the buyers are asking for more scale,” Larry Allen, vice president and generable manager of addressable enablement at media and communications company Comcast, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat with Rob Williams, senior editor for Beet.TV.

“They want to be able to take linear dollars that they’re activating and now make that much more targeted,” he said, “and identify households that might be lower-viewing households in order to increase reach of their successful linear campaigns.”

Cross-Platform Audiences

Advertisers are looking for ways to ensure their linear TV and connected TV (CTV) campaigns complement each other with extended reach. Allen says addressable advertising will improve those capabilities by breaking down some of the siloes that have existed between different video channels.

“One of the opportunities that addressable is bringing to the marketplace is for clients to define an audience one time,” he said. “This gives the buyer as well as the inventory owners the opportunity to truly aggregate the audience that the client is looking for in order to achieve total reach for a campaign.”

Comcast is among the television distributors that last year formed the Go Addressable consortium to promote the adoption of addressable advertising. Altice USA’s a4 Advertising, Charter’s Spectrum Reach, Cox Media, DirecTV, Dish Media, Frontier Communications and smart TV brand Vizio also are participating in the group.

“We’ve been working tirelessly with the Go Addressable group of distributors to really identify areas of commonality or opportunity,” Allen said. “We are doing things more the same than we actually knew, and so now it’s about that group really putting a pole in the ground and saying, ‘This is how we can do this, and this is what you can count on.’”

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