SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Piece by piece, national TV inventory is getting lit up for addressable ad targeting.

Canoe Ventures is one of the companies now helping make it happen.

In this video interview with Rob Williams at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat San Juan, David Porter, SVP & GM, Addressable Advertising, Canoe Ventures, explains what to expect from his company.

New national deals

Canoe recently announced deals with with AMC, Discovery, WarnerMedia and TelevisaUnivision to enable their national inventory across video-on-demand and live linear.

For AMC, that means offering three addressable ad spots per hour.

“For advertisers, they have access to this very rich, wide, diverse pool of inventory where they can find their target audience at scale across Canoe’s 34 million enabled households,” Porter says.

Canoe sets sail

Canoe was conceived as an ambitious cable industry effort to insert ads in interactive TV

It provides integration, monitoring, resolution and analysis to improve the experience of MVPD VOD, including understanding audience target segmentation data.

Canoe has been enabling networks to sell their VOD ads for the last decade.

The year ahead

Asked how things will change in the next year, Porter named three things to expect:

  1. “We’re going to continue to assign deals with more programmers, enabling their inventory for a national addressable.”
  2. “We’re going to continue to expand our footprint, enabling more endpoints.”
  3. “We’ll continue to advance our industry standards and our workflows so that the buying process becomes simplified and unified for all addressable television.”

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