SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Companies first established to analyze the technical success of internet video delivery are emerging as supporting players in measuring video and connected TV ad engagement.

Beet.TV has previously heard how Conviva, a company first formed to measure video quality of service, is now also helping measure content and ad consumption.

In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Kumar Subramanian, CEO, MediaMelon Inc., explains how his company is also offers a similar service.

Analytics for insight

With offices in San Francisco, San Diego, London, Bangalore  and Sydney, MediaMelon integrates with content delivery networks, video recording services and publishers which put software trackers on their devices and video players, be they Tizen, Roku or Fire TV, web or mobile.

“We have tens of millions of devices that have the MediaMelon SDK (software development kit), and this SDK send data every few seconds to the MediaMelon backend,” Subramanian says.

“They look at the data to understand how the experience is as far a video buffering or the start delay too much. How does it compare with the rest of the industry and what they should do to improve engagement.”

QoE to ROI

Such companies were previously focused exclusively on quality of service (QoS) or quality of experience (QoE).

But now they are hoping to play a role in video advertising.

“We hope to play a key role in this because we can bring information on what is the content that’s most exciting and interesting for a given brand.

“Even for the same demographic, engagement can vary depending on whether you are at a certain point in a session or at a different point or a different kind of content. All these things matter. So we hope to bring information on all of this to the brands.”

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