SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Thew new ability of TV manufacturers to understand exactly what happens on their customers TV sets is changing the business of ad targeting and analytics.

Now, ad buyers can plan campaigns based on known consumption patterns, and can pay for them based on known outcomes.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ken Norcross, Senior Director, Data Strategy, VIZIO, explains how it works.

Insightful data

VIZIO leverages data about its customers’ consumption gathered by its subsidiary Inscape, which uses automatic content recognition (ACR) to analyze TV behavior.

That is changing how ad industry professionals can generate ad insights, and it could inform the new currencies emerging for buying TV ads.

“(We use) insights and analytics for our internal team to portray out to our advertisers, to make them more informed about viewing trends,” Norcross says.

“We all know that TV viewing is highly fragmented and having glass-level data that sees content exposure from any source – whether that be OTA, OTT, via virtual MVPD and MVPD – understanding how that shift is happening so we can better arm our advertisers to work within our platform is one of the key things that we’re working with the data today on.”

Currency wave

Recently, Yahoo became the exclusive demand-side platform (DSP) to access Inscape viewership ACR data from 18 million VIZIO smart TVs.

The position of VIZIO and Inscape, at the fulcrum of TV deterministic data, holds the potential for it to inform the cro pof new TV currencies being tested in the market.

“The future for us is continuing to deliver currency-grade data to the marketplace, continuing to fuel these multicurrency solutions that are out there, that are improving how TV is measured as well as bought and sold today,” Norcross says.

“A goal for us is to stay ahead of the market from a measurement standpoint. So continue to develop new use cases, new technologies that further improve the measurement solutions that we have to make sure that we’re ahead of where the market’s going.”

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