SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – As much as advertisers may want more data to demonstrate the efficacy of their advertising campaigns on television, such guarantees are still somewhat elusive. That leaves other considerations such as contextual information and traditional measures of audience demographics.

“We are still just too heavy in our age-sex demo guarantees,” Molly Finnerty, senior vice president of strategic investment at IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global, said in this discussion at the Beet Retreat San Juan. “This is still the bulk of what we’re doing…We’re planning on audiences, and we are measuring on audiences, but it falls apart at the activation stage.”

Many of the bigger brand advertisers have a variety of historical data that shape their decision-making in reaching high-value audiences (HVAs). This year’s upfront sales season for broadcast networks will be another period of transition as media buyers and sellers negotiate the value of ad inventories with alternate measurement methods. Meanwhile, programmatic auctions are more concentrated in connected TV (CTV) that is technologically more akin to digital display advertising.

“The agencies are very good about meeting with all the attribution partners and understanding what each of them brings to the table,” Finnerty said.

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