SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Lauren Schweitzer is seeing TV ad buying changing fast – but she knows buyers could be benefitting even more.

The media landscape is marked out by a transition from linear TV consumption and ad buying, to on-demand, IP-delivered, addressable delivery.

Schweitzer, GM, sales, DISH Network, says ad planners and buyers need to go faster.

Beyond legacy

In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley Swartz for Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat San Juan, Schweitzer says: “We have certainly seen an influx of dollars come through programmatically as well as addressably.”

But she says buyers could be doing more.

“It does become a challenge since that legacy mindset, unfortunately, still exists within the agency and client world,” she says.

“They’re relying on legacy tools for planning. Addressable really isn’t prioritized unfortunately alongside linear. Some clients do thoughtfully plan for it, which is great, but we’re trying to encourage that.”

Think about it

DISH’s offerings include Reach Booster, a tool that can extend the national reach of brands’ ad campaigns.

It also has a “linear cable replacement” offering, which allows for targeting of demographics addressably, in order to improve precision.

With so-called “deterministic” viewership data, DISH can understand which DISH and Sling viewers were unexposed or underserved by an ad, subsequently targeting those households in response.

Addressable Extends Ads’ National Reach: DISH’s Arrix

But Schweitzer’s message is clear: “Prioritize addressable.

“Think about it when they’re planning out channel mix so that they can take advantage of the technology and dat- driven mind set to sort of buy smarter and find the consumer wherever and whenever they may be watching.

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