SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Despite years of speculation, it remains true that the ad load on Netflix is, well, zero.

For ad-supported TV and video services — whether they are traditional or new AVODs — that represents a problem.

But Lauri Baker, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Infillion, thinks she has the solution. It is called “respect.”

Stop the hemorrhage

“What we have found with the explosion of SVODs and AVOD services is that people are leaving and demanding an experience and expecting an experience that respects their attention,” says Baker, In this video interview with at Beet Retreat San Juan 2022 for Beet.TV.

“It’s super important for us in the industry to reimagine what that looks like. …

“Customers have a lot of choice today, and if we don’t take the opportunity now to reimagine what that commercial experience looks like, those customers are going to continue to cut the cord, and they’re going to find services where they’re not annoyed with bad commercial experiences.”

Heritage of exchange

Although Baker – previously head of TV Everywhere at Discovery Inc – joined Infillion, a brand new company, just three months ago, both she and the company’s ancestors have experience in creating TV exchange at the product level.

Infillion was recently formed out of a merger of Gimbal and true[X].  True[X]  pioneered the creation of interactive ads that can reduce ad load and yield higher viewer engagement. It was previously acquired by Fox and then sat with Disney through its acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

In October 2020, true[X] was sold to Gimbal, a technology company focused on using location information to activate ads. This February, the pair announced a new single brand, Infillion.

Responsibility to reimagine

“It’s such a critical time in the industry when you think about where video is heading,” Baker says.

“I think we as an industry have an opportunity, and really a responsibility, to reimagine what the commercial experience looks like.”

Specifically, Baker says, the recipe for reinvention is about “respecting their time, attention, and privacy.”

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Beyond TV

Infillion technology is used by publishing partners like A&E, Fox, Hulu, Crackle, PlayWorks, Funimation and Chegg to vary ad load to audiences who engage directly with ad creative.

The company has also partnered with Innovid to take Infillion’s ad formats into Innovid’s ad serving technology.

Next-up, Infillion wants to take value exchange beyond TV.

“In CTV, it could mean a lighter ad load,” Baker says. “In gaming, it could be access to a new avatar or a next level. We’re also looking at wallets and loyalty programs, because, if you think about value exchange that puts that customers at engine first, it’s a great opportunity for us.”

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