In early 2022, TV companies and advertisers are working hard to introduce new measurement currencies for the medium.

But what if oversights meant that the new methods ended up being just as inaccurate as before?

That is the fear for Donna Speciale, President, Sales & Marketing, Univision.

Discussing data

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Speciale, whose Univision is the Spanish-language US TV network, says it is important the new currencies get ethnic diversity correct from the start.

Speciale says she is happy companies are finally working on new measurement approaches.

“But my issue with this, and one of the things I think needs to be a huge topic of conversation, is a little bit about the diversity and the representation of the data and the data sets that everybody is looking at and using,” she says.

“Currently I will tell you there’s a lot of under representation for the Hispanic audience and I think we really have to take a very close look at what that looks like with some of the new currencies that people are looking at. So I’m looking forward to having that conversation.”

Conference talk

Univision’s Speciale is amongst the executives attending Beet Retreat San Juan, one of the industry’s most talked about gatherings of high-level media executives, at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 16–18, 2022.

The event how explores how changing consumer preferences and new service launches are transforming the TV and premium video marketplace, deep diving into the latest developments in streaming and OTT, data and audience targeting, measurement and attribution and international opportunities

How Speciale, it is an opportunity to raise the diversity topic.

“Big data’s great but, if it’s not represented across the board of the country correctly, then it’s really not worth the paper that it’s on,” she says.

“I think we all have to just take a step back and make sure that representation is there for all segmentations – Hispanic, black, Asian – and make sure that it’s representative of the country, especially with the census that just came out across the board, which obviously showed that we obviously have a very, very diverse country.”

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