MIAMI – This week’s episode of the #BeetCast is guest hosted by Matt Prohaska, who I met 10 years ago when he ran programmatic advertising at The New York Times.

He moved  from there to form a powerhouse consulting firm in his name.   Matt is one of the brightest lights in our industry and a really nice guy.  I am grateful to him for his support and help over the years.

This week’s guest is Megan Clarken, CEO of Criteo.  Megan joined the company late in 2019 after a 15 year  stint at Nielsen where she was most recently chief commercial officer.

Far from her home base in Paris, Matt caught up with the New Zealand native in her warm getaway in Miami.

In this session, Megan,  reflects on the growth of measurement, the importance of identity, the power of shopper data,  business opportunities outside the Walled Gardens,  what’s next for Criteo, and her hopes for the industry.  Great session.

Thank you Matt and thank you Megan and thank you to our sponsor TruOptik, a Transunion company.

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