SpotX and clypd are integrating their platforms to enable media owners to manage audience-targeting campaigns across linear television, digital video and OTT using common audience targets. “The workflow capabilities are not to be understated. This is often a huge pain point for media owners,” says SpotX CRO Sean Buckley.

“And also as we get into more interesting things like measuring unduplicated reach, we think it’s a really exciting product for the market,” Buckley adds in this Beet.TV interview at the recent Tru Optik InFronts event in Manhattan.

Discovery and Fox among the first media owner partners planning to leverage the new data-driven solution to enable cross-platform ad sales. MRI-Simmons will be a key data partner in helping to deliver a unified audience target across platforms, an essential aspect in the clypd/SpotX solution, according to a news release.

SpotX has bee working on three main categories of data enablement. The first is enabling media owners to bring their first-party data “into the fold in a protected capacity” to use it particularly for programmatic ad transactions. “We also enabled media owners to license that data to other media companies on the platform in a safe and secure manner,” says Buckley.

SpotX then worked to onboard the major third-party data marketplaces to ensure all of the major third-party data segments are available to any of its customers.

A major focus has been activating buy-side data so that brands and agencies synching their data with the SportX platform gain enhanced planning and forecasting capabilities.

This facilitates automated guaranteed and programmatic guaranteed transactions “in the way the industry wants to do it. In order to do that well, we have to refine the inventory down against exactly what the buyer is looking for, including perhaps data they may have housed on their side before we even send the ad requests out,” Buckley explains.

“So once we have the full picture, all the targeting attributes including the data the buyers are using on their end, we’re actually able to refine those ad requests down so when the buyer actually gets it they’re able to respond ninety-five, one hundred percent of the time with an ad.”

SpotX now has more than 600 employees in 26 offices around the world. In addition the merger of SpotX with sister company smartclip, SpotX parent RTL acquired dynamic ad insertion provider Yospace, as The Drum reports.

“It’s clearly a core integral technology that our customers need,” Buckley says of the Yospace contribution. “And we feel there’s huge potential between pairing that SSAI technology with the monetization platform in terms of what we can deliver for our customers.”

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