Amobee was the first advertising technology video platform to integrate with Tru Optik about two years ago. Addressable targeting across connected TV and a single opt-out across all devices were two motivating factors, according to Amobee’s Aleck Schleider.

“We saw early on the continued growth of connected TV and OTT supply and obviously it continues to increase dramatically,” the SVP of Data & Client Strategy says in this Beet.TV interview at the recent Tru Optik InFronts event in Manhattan.

“But the need to think about that supply in an addressable format really wasn’t available until Tru Optik came to marketplace bringing data assets and appending attributes to an IP address.”

Amobee’s integration with Tru Optik included the ability to do addressable targeting across connected TV but also support opt out, “which was a key factor around privacy and the needs for us to support a single opt out across all video devices.

“It wasn’t until our integration with TO that we really were able to start powering addressable powering across OTT and connected TV supply. It’s very much needed,” Schleider says.

One result was an increase of brands wanting to access that supply. Some weren’t going in that direction because in the digital world brands were used to being addressable on digital video and on mobile video and display.

“And so they really didn’t think about connected TV, OTT as an option until the addressable aspects really started growing and the ability to target against that supply became more available.”

As soon as that addressable targeting became available, “we found more brands adopting those channels because they could frequently cap and they use first- and third-party data to reach audiences on the big screen in an addressable format,” Schleider says.

Because of limited addressable linear TV across MVPD’s, “connected TV really filled a gap in the addressable linear side because of the IP-based capabilities that Tru Optik helped bring to marketplace.”

Meanwhile, Amobee has been quite active overseas. A week ago ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, announced an exclusive UK and Ireland licensing agreement with Amobee for end-to-end programmatic buying and selling of premium video inventory on the ITV Hub. According to a news release, it will enable ITV to launch a new, fully programmatic, premium advanced advertising platform giving advertisers complete control over the purchasing of their campaigns across ITV’s premium VOD service, the ITV Hub.

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the Tru Optik InFronts 2019, NYC. The series is sponsored by Tru Optik. For additional videos, please visit this page.